Mark Bull on 3D Biomechanics and Golfing Performance

“My role is to give options, not to give an answer.” – Mark Bull

Mark Bull is one of the leading minds in the field of golfing biomechanics. He has extensive knowledge on the relationship between skeletal movement and an effective golf swing, something he has used to help many of the best golfers on the planet.

As a junior, Mark Bull was a talented golfer, but injury proved to be the catalyst for changing interests. His passion moved away from competition and towards biomechanics, a field in which he is now one of the leading minds.

He first became a member of the PGA in 1996, and qualified second in the PGA trainee of the year award at the start of his coaching career.

Mark Bull and Simon Holmes use special 3D technology to analyze the science behind the golf swing on the Golf Channel.

Since then, he has been continually adding to his resume both academically and through tangible coaching experience. Currently in the process of a  Ph.D. in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science at Birmingham University, with a research focus on, unsurprisingly, the impact of exercise on golf swing biomechanics and kinetics. Mark has also worked with players on the European Tour.

Mark places a strong emphasis on the idea that no two golf swings are the same, preferring to utilize the specific bodily movements of each individual to best develop their golf swing. In this interview, he explains in detail how he does this, and the role he plays in helping players of all abilities to improve their game. He provides a fantastic level of detail, from the importance of posture to the way he uses biofeedback, as well as his own development as a golf coach.

Mark Bull Show Notes

  • Mark explains biomechanics and how he applies it to golf. [3:30]
  • What does success for a client look like? [13:30]
  • The importance of asking questions. [18:00]
  • Posture. [20:30]
  • Mark talks about the work he does with injury avoidance and rehabilitation. [23:10]
  • The idea of sequencing and an optimal golf swing. [25:20]
  • Biofeedback. [33:00]
  • Mark talks about his evolution as a golf coach. [36:00]
  • Mark talks about working with players’ coaches.  [41:50]
  • How often does Mark see players, and what information does he give them. [45:00]
  • Chris asks Mark some rapid fire questions. [49:30]
  • Mark Bull’s action challenge. [53:10]

Mark Bull’s action challenge

  1. Find a brick wall.
  2. Stand up straight with your back touching the wall.
  3. Try to establish a natural standing position with the back of your pelvis, your shoulder blades, and the back of your head all touching the wall, without unnaturally extending your head.
  4. Maintain equal pressure against the wall through these three points.

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