How to Optimize Performance on and off the Golf Course – Mathew Perry


“There is an end dream, and it is all aligned back to that. ” – Mathew Perry


Mathew Perry is a New Zealand-born professional golfer who now resides in Australia. Playing on both the Australia Tour as well as the China Tour. Mathew has seen many moments of success on the golf course in 2016 which led to European Tour final stage Q-School. Mathew was also New Zealand Amateur Champion in 2011.

Looking to the future, Mathew will be playing in the 2017 European Challenge Tour. Placing 15th on the Challenge Tour would make Mathew an official member of the European Tour, one of his biggest goals for the year.

In this episode, Mathew takes the time to talk about his unique and insightful outlook on the game of golf. He also discusses some interesting topics like Aim Point putting and Biomechanics. Join Mathew and I as we take a look at his game and how amateurs players can begin to think like a professional.

Mathew Perry Show Notes 

  • How Mathew prepares for the upcoming golf week. [3:30]
  • What Mathew does to warm up before a round. [9:00]
  • Discussing warm up routine. [11:30]
  • Attention to detail and collecting information during practice rounds. [17:00]
  • How Mathew maps out and plans his shots. [21:15]
  • Using the Aim Point technique to read putts. [26:45]
  • How to read a 20-foot putt. [32:30]
  • Seizing the moment at the first tee. [36:50]
  • Working with sports psychologist David Galbraith [37:15]
  • What influences Mathew’s decision on club selection [43:30]
  • Moments of Perfection and Resilience Patients Drill. [50:15]
  • Discussion of biomechanics and how they relate to golf. [57:20]
  • Using analytics to understand your game. [1:04:50]
  • How Mathew sets goals for the year. [1:08:40]
  • Rapid Fire Questions [1:13:00]
  • Action Challenge [1:18:20]

Action Challenge

Mathew explains that everyone has fear both on and off the golf course. His challenge to you is to embrace the fear in your life and attempt to overcome it.

Here are some tips:

  • Use courage to help stand up to, and push through the fear in your life. Once you overcome your fear you will realize that it wasn’t really that bad to begin with.
  • Success might not be achieved on the first attempt! Be persistent and keep trying to challenge yourself and what you are afraid of.
  • Being uncomfortable is something that goes along with overcoming fear. Don’t fight this feeling but instead embrace it, and try to make the situation feel more ordinary.

People Mentioned

  • Jeff Knox
  • Justin Rose
  • David Galbraith author of Unleashing Greatness
  • Ryan Lumsden
  • Mark Bull
  • Marty Joyce
  • Adam Scott
  • Sergio Garcia
  • Edoardo Molinari




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