How to Increase Golfing Strength, Power and Speed with Stuart Robinson

“When everyone’s pressed for time in the modern world you want to make sure what you’re doing is the most efficient route to success as possible.” – Stuart Robinson

Stuart Robinson is a leading chiropractor and golf fitness trainer. He has significant academic qualifications, and is a pretty handy golfer himself, playing off scratch at Walton Heath and St. Andrews.

Stuart studied Human Biology at the University of St. Andrews. Following this, he undertook a further 4 years of study, and became a qualified chiropractor. Throughout his studies, golf was a prevalent part of his life, and he was awarded a Golf Bursary by St. Andrews Golf Club during his first degree.

Logically, Stuart combined his passion for golf and his academic qualifications in chiropractics, and much of his work now centres around applying his knowledge of biomechanics to a golf swing. In his work, he helps to ensure that players have the physical capabilities required to produce their optimum technique. His qualifications provide a point of difference from regular golf coaches, as he is able to explain the physical attributes which allow a golfer to swing in a certain way.

In this episode, Stuart provides an array of in-depth advice to help you improve your game. He discusses flexibility, stability, and how to combat the problems which can arise from sedentary habits. His advice is specific and actionable, and can easily be applied by the listener to their own lifestyle and golf game.

Stuart Robinson Show Notes

  • Stuart talks about his role as a chiropractor, and how it relates to golf. [3:20]
  • How to minimise the damage which can result from day-to-day habits, such as sitting for prolonged periods. [16:20]
  • The benefits of various pieces of gym equipment, and how they can help your posture. [21:20]
  • Common problems among junior golfers. [27:40]
  • Flexibility differences between men and women. [32:40]
  • Regimes for golfers with limited ranges of motion. [36:10]
  • Regimes for golfers with very high ranges of motion. [44:40]
  • The importance of stability. [48:40]
  • How to prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). [53:40]
  • Specific training loads for building muscle strength and endurance. [57:40]
  • Nutrition preparation before and during a round. [61:00]
  • Chris asks Stuart some rapid fire questions. [76:00]
  • Stuart Robinson’s Action Challenge. [82:20]

Stuart Robinson’s Action Challenge

  1. As simple as this sounds, set aside 5 minutes per day for gentle exercise.
  2. For most people, this will be in the form of stretching.
  3. Stretch out your hip/buttock muscles with a golf ball, lacrosse ball or rumble roller.
  4. Make it part of your daily routine.

Gear/Resources Mentioned

Myofascial release ball – to release tension and easy to travel with on tour.
Rumble Roller – perfect for helping you to unwind after your round. The best massage out there.
Improve your posture and core by replacing your chair with a yoga ball at work. Rory Mcilroy here in action.

Using fat for energy to fuel your rounds.
Balance pads can be used during technical practice to help improve stability over the ball.

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