How to Develop Habits for Success with David Galbraith (Psychologist to the All Blacks Rugby 7s Team)

“It’s not what people think about us that matters,  it is what we think about ourselves.”

“Our life will be defined by how our character is represented in moments of crisis – that’s what people remember about us.”  David Galbraith

David Galbraith is a clinical psychologist, with 17 years of experience in his field. In the past 10 years, he has shifted his focus towards sports psychology, working with some of New Zealand’s most talented athletes.

His experience includes work with Olympic Gold Medallists, both the men’s and women’s rugby 7s teams, and NZ golf. Through his work, he helps these already elite athletes get the most out of themselves, both in the sense of sport, and in life.

Unleashing Greatness by David Galbraith

His focus is on assisting both teams and individuals express themselves as truly as possible. He believes strongly in the present moment, and encourages people to fully commit to, and relish, the process involved in reaching an outcome, rather than focussing on the tangible outcome itself.

In this truly enlightening episode, David discusses the concept of self and identity, and how to develop these ideas. He talks about how resilience on the golf course relates to resilience in real life, and provides advice on how to focus on processes rather than results.

David Galbraith Show Notes

  • David explains his role as a psychologist. [0:00]
  • How to connect to one’s true identity. [7:30]
  • What’s the benefit of having a strong sense of self? [15:20]
  • How to focus on process rather than end result. [23:00]
  • David talks about the relationship between resilience on the golf course and resilience in real life. [34:30]
  • How to truly evaluate yourself. [43:00]
  • Chris asks David some rapid fire questions. [47:30]
  • David’s action challenge. [52:00]
  • David asks Chris about his motivation for the podcast. [54:40]

David Galbraith Action Challenge

  1. Looking at your current morning habits.
  2. Take your shower, get dressed appropriately for your day.  But during this time don’t look at yourself in the mirror.
  3. Why? Find David Galbraith Action challenge at 52:00m

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