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“I figure everything out in practice so you know exactly what you’re doing every single hole. You’re almost just on auto-pilot, you’re just executing it. I know exactly what club I’m going to hit on every hole, I know exactly what direction the wind is going to be before I even wake up.” – Peter Tarver-Jones

Peter Tarver-Jones first developed his passion for golf at the relatively tender age of 12. As a junior, Pete showed a great aptitude for the game, culminating in a Sussex under-18s title at the age of 17. Following this success, he opted to move to the United States to play college golf at Belmont College. These years proved vital in Pete’s development as a golfer, and he turned to the professional sphere of golf soon after his return home to the United Kingdom.

After missing his first three cuts as a professional on the Euro Pro Tour, Pete worked his way into an outstanding season which saw him finish second in the order of merit and advance to the Challenge Tour.  Pete went onto to win the Euro Pro Tour Championships in 2016 and subsequently move back up to the Challenge Tour, where he is currently playing.

In this episode, Peter discusses what life was like playing collegiate golf in America and how it shaped him as a golfer. He also talks us through what life is like having turned pro, some of his pre-game rituals, and provides a putting action challenge which he uses to improve his game.

Peter Tarver-Jones Show Notes

  • Peter explains his journey to college golf in the USA. [2:30]
  • Life as a college golfer. [5:30]
  • Pete remembers one of his favorite tournaments. [13:30]
  • Peter’s improvement as a college golfer. [15:20]
  • Post-graduation. [20:10]
  • Pete’s first season on the Euro Pro Tour. [23:20]
  • Stepping up to the Challenge Tour. [25:20]
  • Pete’s 2017 Challenge Tour season. [30:30]
  • When Chris caddied for Pete. [34:20]
  • Pete’s pre-game rituals. [38:20]
  • Pete’s interesting method of calculating yardages. [44:30]
  • Chris asks Pete some rapid fire questions. [48:10]
  • Pete’s action challenge. [54:20]

Peter Tarver-Jones’ Action Challenge

  1. Place tees on the ground 3 feet, 5 feet, 7 feet from the hole
  2. Place three golf balls next to each other at each tee – 9 balls in total
  3. Try to sink all 9 balls
  4. Start again if you miss any of the putts to create pressure
  5. Stay on the green until you complete the challenge

Gear/Resources Mentioned

People Mentioned

  • David Bainbridge
  • Matt Perry
  • John Daly
  • Ian Poulter
  • Tiger Woods
  • Steve Williams

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