Dr Brian Hemmings on The Mental Game of Danny Willet, Chris Wood and Ross Fisher

“I just sit down with somebody and see where they’re at – you get some sense of them and they get some sense of you, and together you collaborate.” – Dr. Brian Hemmings

Dr. Brian Hemmings has been one of the most influential figures in English golf for the past two decades. For 16 years between 1997 and 2013, he was the lead psychologist to the England golf team, working with names such as Danny Willett, Chris Wood, and Ross Fisher. His work also extends well past the professional realm, as he has played a major role in shaping the careers of elite talent at the youth and junior levels.

Dr Brain Hemmings – golfmind.co.uk

Dr. Hemmings has a PhD in sports psychology, which he gained from the University of Southampton in 1998. He has released three books and a CD, and presented ‘Masterclasses in Golf Psychology’ in over 10 different countries around the world. Brian is also trained in hypnosis and bereavement counseling, and boasts a Fellowship awarded by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences in 2010.

Brian’s experience in elite level sport is not limited to golf – he has worked with professional cricketers, Olympic medallists, and Formula 1 podium winners. Today, he works predominantly in golf consultancy, though he is still involved in cricket at the professional level.

Dr Brain Hemmings – golfmind.co.uk

In this episode, Brian discusses the five qualities commonly shared by the upper echelon of golfers. He also discusses the strategies he employs with his clients, as well as discussing the influence of faith on his life.

Dr. Brian Hemmings Show Notes

  • Introduction to Dr. Brian Hemmings. [0:50]
  • Brian talks about his work with elite level golfers, the advancement of pro golf in England, and the importance of gaining professional experience as an amateur. [2:50]
  • Profiling top players, and identifying the common qualities which they share. [7:30]
  • The importance of discipline and some examples from players Brian has worked with. [9:50]
  • How to simplify information – why asking questions is so important and keeping golf in perspective. [16:50]
  • Brian talks about the benefits of breathing techniques. [20:30]
  • Resilience – how to deal with setbacks on and off the course. [23:00]
  • What it means to be quick-minded in golf. [26:10]
  • Taking responsibility for your own game, and seeing situations as challenges rather than threats. [28:00]
  • Does Brian set goals with his clients? [35:50]
  • Chris recalls his lessons with Brian as a young golfer, how they defined success, and how to moderate fears of failure. [40:30]
  • Brian discusses his faith. [47:40]
  • What habit has most improved Brian’s life, and the quote which he lives by. [50:10]
  • Bad recommendations which arise in Brian’s area of expertise. [52:20]
  • Dr. Brian Hemming’s action challenge. [54:20]

Dr. Brian Hemmings’ Action Challenge

  1. Perform skills challenges as often as you can.
  2. When doing them, ensure that you simulate a game situation.
  3. For example, apply the ‘one ball, one chance’ philosophy.
  4. These types of challenges can give you vital information and feedback about your game.

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